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Do you desire a fuller, more proportional bust? At the practice of Dr. Patricia Berbari, our team of dynamic cosmetic professionals has extensive training and years of experience performing breast augmentation in Gatineau and Ottawa. Dr. Berbari is able to assess her patients' needs and provide a personalized treatment plan with optimal results. This procedure may be customized to fit a range of needs, from increasing the size of healthy breasts, to reconstructing a breast lost because of a mastectomy or other trauma.  The surgical procedure has many benefits, and often boosts a patient's self-esteem, increasing her confidence level.

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Dr. Patricia Berbari discusses the process of a breast augmentation procedure. She goes over the different options available in implant types, shapes, and sizes. She talks about the importance of choosing the right implants for individual's body types.

General Information

Our Gatineau team performs breast augmentation surgery for patients who desire an improvement in the appearance of their bust. Since patients' motivations for breast augmentation are extremely personal, Dr. Berbari and her staff listen carefully to their patients, noting their objectives, discussing risks associated with the surgery, and letting them know what to expect when undergoing the procedure. It is important to keep your expectations realistic, and to be mindful of the fact that breast augmentation achieves enhancement, not perfection.

Dr. Berbari provides a balance between what a patient wants and what is safe for her body. Because our goal is to achieve results that exceed a patient's expectations, Dr. Berbari spends a generous amount of time creating a trusted, professional relationship with her patients before presenting her recommendation for a wholly successful breast augmentation.

Implants Accepted by Health Canada

Dr. Berbari offers the two types of implants: cohesive silicone gel and saline. There is a distinct difference in the look and feel of silicone and saline implants. Many feel that silicone breast implants provide a more natural feel. On the other hand, saline implants can be filled during the procedure to achieve a more customized volume in cases of asymmetry. There are several personal factors that determine which is the appropriate choice. It is important to note that scientific studies have proven there is no causal link between silicone and breast cancer or autoimmune diseases. 

Incision Techniques

Because Dr. Berbari understands her patients' desire to conceal their scars, she uses a conservative approach when performing the surgery. By making the small surgical incision in the natural fold of your skin and crease of your breast, the post-surgery scars are hidden. In some cases, patient's needs are best met by placing a circular incision around the areola. Through this incision, she can modify the breast tissue as necessary to place the implant while altering the size and shape of the nipple if necessary. The incisions heal relatively quickly with proper care and the scars become less visible over time, resulting in a natural-looking enhancement.

Dr. Berbari provides patients with two options for implant placement.

1.) Retro-glandular: by creating a pocket between the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle, the implant can be placed under a smooth and protective layer of tissue.

2.) Retro-muscular: Dr. Berbari can also create a pocket underneath the pectoral muscle to camouflage the implant.  Depending on your personal wishes and the properties of your chest she will help you choose the best option.

Risks & Complications

  • Bleeding may cause a hematoma (collection of blood) under the skin. If you have hypertension and take any blood-thinning medication or natural products, you may also increase the chance of bleeding. If the hematoma is large, drainage may be necessary.
  • An infection, characterized by a combination of warmth, redness, pain, the presence of pus, or fever. Antibiotics will be necessary and, in rare cases, the implant will have to be removed.
  • A seroma, or build-up of liquid under the skin.
  • Pain, more significant if the implant is inserted behind the muscle or if it is larger.
  • Problems with scarring (more common in smokers).
  • Healing takes a year; each individual heals differently, but it is possible to try and prevent bad scarring using massage and ointments. Sun exposure and artificial tanning jeopardize healing and may result in hyperpigmentation (more visible, darker scarring).

Short term: dehiscence (re-opening) of the wound

Long term: hypertrophic scar, widened scar or keloids

Specific Risks:

Hardening of the breast (capsular contracture): Rigid scar tissue forms around the implant like a shell. This occurs more frequently when the implant is inserted in front of the pectoral muscle, and if there was an infection or a hematoma. To decrease the risk of hardening, the breasts must be massaged daily for life. A second operation may become necessary to remove scar tissue permanently (capsulectomy).

**Unpredictable complication: An individual tendency to form too much scar tissue around a foreign body (the implant).**

Other Information

  • Compression Garments: A special breast band (for saline implants) and a compression bra must be worn for six weeks after the operation. (They are available at the clinic.)
  • In some patients, breasts are asymmetrical (different in shape and size).
  • Sometimes differences are the result of a thoracic deformity (scoliosis, rib cage more prominent on one side, etc.). In such cases, the appearance of the breasts can be enhanced but the correction can never be perfect. Just as a plastic surgeon once said, when referring to breasts, we "can create sisters, but not identical twins!"


The recovery from a breast augmentation surgery varies for each patient, and the healing rate for both breasts is not equal. During the first two days of recovery, you can expect to be sore. Because Dr. Berbari wants to make your experience as comfortable as possible, she prescribes enough pain medication to patients during the course of recovery. 

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