Breast Augmentation Side Effects By Patricia Berbari on December 20, 2020

a breast implantThere are many benefits of breast augmentation surgery. Silicone and saline breast implants can enhance your curves and contours, boosting self-confidence in the process. These are key reasons why breast augmentation remains one of the most popular procedures at our practice serving the Gatineau and Ottawa, QC, area.

While the surgery is safe overall, breast augmentation patients will experience side effects. These are a natural part of the healing process. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Patricia Berbari would like to go over the most common post-surgical side effects after someone gets breast implants. This will give you a realistic understanding of the recovery process.

Pain and Discomfort

Some amount of soreness is to be expected after undergoing breast augmentation. Patients should take their pain medication as directed and get ample rest to help with a fast recovery. Be sure to sleep slightly upright to help with healing and minimize discomfort.


Bruising is a common side effect following any sort of surgery. The bruising will be pronounced in the first two weeks after surgery, and will fade in four to six weeks. Patients will notice changes in color over the course of a month.


Swelling is part of the body’s natural healing response. The swelling will be most noticeable in the first weeks after surgery, fading as healing progresses. Patients can help minimize both bruising and swelling by wearing their supportive surgical bra as instructed. Walking a little bit each day can also help promote circulation and aid in safe recovery.

Changes in Nipple Sensation

Many breast augmentation patients experience changes in nipple sensitivity after getting breast implants. The numbness or sensitivity will vary from patient to patient based on the incision sites and the surgical technique used. As patients heal, they should notice a return to normal nipple sensation.

Post-operative Scarring

Scarring is a reality after any surgical procedure. Dr. Berbari works diligently to minimize the amount of visible scarring by making small and discreet incisions. Patients will notice pronounced scarring in the first weeks of healing, though the scars will become less noticeable in the months after surgery. The surgical scars will continue to fade in the years ahead.

Attend Follow-up Visits to Monitor Side Effects

In the weeks after the breast augmentation surgery, patients will return to Centre Chirurgical De La Capitale for follow-up care. This will give us a chance to monitor the patient’s recovery and ensure they are healing properly. Patients can also contact our practice at any time during the healing process if they have any questions or concerns.

Serious Side Effects to Report to Your Surgeon

Complications from breast augmentation surgery are rare, but are still a possibility that we take seriously. Patients should immediately contact our Gatineau practice if they notice any of the following warning signs of a complication:

  • Pain gets worse or does not improve
  • Excessive swelling
  • Spread or increase of bruising
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Redness around the breasts or incisions
  • Patient develops a fever

Contact a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

If you are interested in breast implants and want to learn more about the surgical process, Dr. Berbari is here to provide answers. We encourage you to contact Centre Chirurgical De La Capitale online or call our plastic surgery office at (819) 243-7667.

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