Showering Instructions Before and After Plastic Surgery By Patricia Berbari on September 04, 2018

A shower headThe Centre Chirurgical de la Capitale PB takes pride in providing patients with all the information they need to prepare for surgery and to heal. Knowledge means better surgical results and problem-free patient recovery. This is one of the things that makes Dr. Patricia Berbari such a trusted name in plastic surgery in the Gatineau, QC area.

Proper hygiene following surgery is important whether you undergo body contouring surgery to enhance your figure or facial plastic surgery to rejuvenate your appearance. Below are some pre-op and post-op showering instructions for patients to follow.

Showering Before Plastic Surgery

The night before surgery and the morning of surgery, patients are instructed to shower thoroughly with warm water and soap. In some cases, specific antibacterial soap will be recommended to patients for their pre-surgery shower.

Following these showers, patients must avoid using lotions, creams, perfume, and makeup. Avoiding these products will help patients reduce their risk of infection during and after the surgical procedure.

The Dangers of Showering Too Soon After Surgery

After undergoing surgery, patients must avoid taking showers for a few days. Direct exposure to water increases the risk of infection during a crucial time after surgery. Additionally, the stream from the shower head may be too strong for the skin, reopening wounds that still need time to heal.

Sponge Baths After Plastic Surgery

After surgery, patients will be instructed to take sponge baths for a few days to remain clean and to prevent harming the healing surgical sites. Use a damp washcloth, approved soaps, and warm water to say clean.

Patients should avoid washing the surgical site as directly cleaning can harm the healing area. If patients have undergone facial plastic surgery, they should be very careful while cleaning their face and their hair. Tugging or pulling at the facial skin can result in post-op complications.

Taking Your First Shower After Plastic Surgery

After 48 hours or so, patients can return to taking showers, but they must closely follow a few instructions to make sure they do not negatively impact the surgical results.

  • Keep Surgical Sites Dry - Cover the surgical area as instructed by your surgeon. Again, exposure to water can lead to post-surgical infection if you are not careful.
  • Use Lukewarm Water - Steam and hot water increase the risk of both inflammation and infection. Use lukewarm water instead in the first weeks after surgery.
  • Use the Softest Shower Head Setting - If you have an adjustable shower head, use the softest setting to avoid disturbing surgical areas too much.
  • Shower Briefly - You may want to take a nice long shower after surgery, but you really should keep shower brief to avoid potential inflammation and other problems.
  • Gently Pat Yourself Dry - After your quick shower, pat your body dry gently. Let the air do the rest of the drying for you.

When Can I Shower Normally Again?

Patients will be able to shower normally again when their surgeon says it is okay. The exact timing will depend on the type of surgery you underwent and the rate of your recovery. Do not rush things, and continue to follow the orders from your surgeon.

When Can I Take a Normal Bath?

For most patients, it will be about two weeks before they can take baths again. For major body contouring procedures or any surgeries that require longer healing periods, it could be more than two weeks before taking a bath is safe.

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