We missed you! As of June 1 2020, we will be reopening the doors of the CCCPB surgical center and the MedicSPA.




Dr. Berbari and her team prioritize patient and staff safety. Please familiarize yourself with these new procedures:


          Services will gradually resume from June 1 2020, respecting the social distancing guidelines issued by Public Health.


          Long-term follow-ups will resume as of June 22 2020 and will be carried out by telemedicine. Appointments will be given after July 6 2020 as needed.





           We have extended the time slots (fewer appointments per day) to give our employees time to disinfect the rooms between each patient.

           According to the above policies and dates, the contactless payment method will be favoured when making an appointment. Our staff will take your credit card number and the receipt will be emailed to you.

           You will then be invited to answer a COVID-19 questionnaire when booking the appointment (whether it is by email or by phone).

           N.B. follow-up appointments: we will contact you for follow-ups, as visits are now restricted to avoid contamination.



           Please show up on time out of respect for other patients.

           Once you arrive in the clinic parking lot, please announce your arrival by phone (819-243-7667).

           A member of our team will welcome you in the doorway for an evaluation (questionnaire, temperature, mask, hydro alcoholic gel).

           N.B .: Only patients will have access to the clinic, anyone else must remain in the parking lot.



          You will be taken directly to the treatment room.

          We opened door A for the aesthetic care (laser, radiofrequency, PRP etc.) of the MedicSPA and door B for surgery appointments and injections.

          After the appointment, you will be accompanied to the exit by a member of the team.


An explanatory video will be available on social media (@medicspa.gatineau on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM) and the website (drpatriciaberbari.com) on May 29 2020, to summarize these new procedures.


When interacting with our staff, understand that they have received strict directives, we ask you to respect them for your safety.

Warning Signs After Cosmetic Surgery By Patricia Berbari on July 30, 2018

A woman holding her chestIn order to get the best results out of a cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s important that you follow pre-op and post-op instructions closely. As soon as anything causes you alarm, especially after the surgery is done, you should speak with your surgeon. This could be the sign of a complication that can have a negative impact on the final results of surgery and even your general health.

The team at our Gatineau, QC cosmic surgery centre would like to go over some patient warning signs after a surgery is performed. These adverse side effects could be the first indication of a post0surgical complication that needs immediate medical attention.

Worsening Pain

Pain and discomfort is common after plastic surgery, but it is usually manageable with pain medication and subsides after a few days. If patients notice their pain is getting worse with each day, this is something they should bring to their surgeon’s attention.

Serious Swelling

Normal swelling will last for a few weeks, with improvements seen with each day. If the swelling increases or if the swelling becomes especially severe, professional attention is required. Do not attempt to treat the swelling at home on your own.

Bruising Gets Worse

Bruising around the surgical area typically lasts for about two weeks, with lingering discoloration for another two weeks or so. If the bruising does not gradually fade or seems to get larger/spread, this is a sign of damaged blood vessels and other serious problems.

Excessive Bleeding

Very minor bleeding might occur in the first day or so after surgery, which is usually normal. Excessive bleeding after surgery is definitely a sign of a problem, such as a reopened incision. This must be addressed by a doctor right away.

Persistent Exhaustion

Grogginess is normal after surgery, and usually the after effect of anesthesia. If you are still feeling fatigued or lethargic a few days after surgery, this might be the sign that something is wrong. Always note your sense of well-being as you recover.

Heat Around the Surgical Site

A little bit of warmth around the incision site is common in the first days of healing. If the surgical site is hot to the touch, however, that is generally a sure sign of an infection. Make sure to seek medical attention if this happens.

Running a Fever

Developing a fever as you recover from surgery is always a cause for concern. It may be the sign of an infection, or it might boost the risk of infection. Be sure to report any fever or cold/flu-like symptoms to your surgeon should they arise.

Pus and Strange Fluids

A little bit of fluid draining from incision sites is normal; if you have drainage tubes, you’ll be asked to drain the fluid out regularly. Healthy fluid is relatively clear and a bit pink. If you notice pus, red or discolored fluid, or other alarming bodily discharges, discuss them with your surgeon.

Bad Odors

Your nose has a keen sense for something that’s going wrong. If you notice unpleasant odors, whether on your dressings, bedsheets, or around your skin itself, report that to your surgeon. This may be the sign of a problem.

Problems with Your Legs

People who are sedentary for too long after a surgical procedure may develop a blood clot in the legs, which is known as deep vein thrombosis. This condition could be life-threatening if it’s not dealt with. Be sure to note pain, swelling, and veins appearing in your legs. You can help prevent deep vein thrombosis by walking a few minutes each day during your recovery process.

Contact the Centre Chirurgical De La Capitale PB

To learn more about improving your appearance and healing properly without any complications, we encourage you to contact an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon. Our team is here to provide answers to your questions and insight into the recovery process.

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