Are You a Candidate for Eyelid Surgery? By Patricia Berbari on July 29, 2014

An attractive man and woman with healthy featuresWhen it comes to counteracting the visible effects of aging, some patients are quick to consider treatment options that offer dramatic, comprehensive changes such as with a facelift. And while such options can often provide excellent results for the right patients, sometimes a small change can bring the most satisfaction. This is especially true of the eyes, which are a focal point of the face and a key component of one’s expressiveness. If you believe that your upper or lower eyelids may be negatively affecting your appearance, eyelid surgery may be the right option for you.

Although eyelid surgery carries few inherent risks and contraindications, patients must still have the right qualifications for candidacy. Before visiting our Gatineau office for a consultation, take a moment to learn who makes a good candidate for upper or lower eyelid surgery.     

Why Undergo Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery is most often performed on patients who are unhappy with the shape of their eyelids due to aging. As people grow older, their skin tends to lose elasticity as muscles tighten and deposits of fat accumulate. Together, these lead to various changes that can be seen in the face. In the upper eyelids, patients may see dropping skin fat, some of which may hang over the eye and even partially obscure vision. Other patients may see their upper eyelids become puffy and lose contour definition. Small deposits of fat or wrinkles may also form in the lower eyelid, creating a similarly displeasing look. With eyelid surgery, these problems can be diminished, creating a more youthful, alert, and endearing appearance around the eyes.

Age is not the sole factor behind the desire for surgery, however. Some patients may be unhappy with the natural contours of their upper eyelids and want to create a better defined crease. This is a subtle yet effective way to improve one’s overall appearance. 

Good Candidates for Surgery

If you have any of the problems noted above and wish to enhance one of your most prominent facial features, there is a good chance that eyelid surgery can benefit you. But before you prepare yourself for treatment, your doctor must determine that will you be able to safely undergo surgery. This means that patients must be in good general health, with little to no surgical health risks. Conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease may lead to complications during or after surgery, and smoking may similarly inhibit one’s ability to recover. More specifically, patients must have healthy eyes that are free of disease or complications. Patients with excessively dry eyes may also face difficulty after surgery, and should first speak with their doctor about this condition.

Finally, good candidates for surgery should have realistic expectations for treatment. Speak with your doctor at length about your goals for treatment and what you hope to gain from eyelid surgery. If another treatment is better suited for your cosmetic needs, or should be performed in conjunction with your eyelids, a more suitable treatment plan can be recommended. Also bear in mind that any plastic surgery results are subject to eventual change as the body continues to age.

Recovering from Surgery

When considering any surgical procedure, patients commonly want to know what the recovery process entails. After surgery, patients can expect a moderate amount of swelling and bruising near the surgical site, lasting through the first week. Also during this time, patients will feel dryness and irritation of the eyes, especially while the sutures remain in. Through this first week, patients are advised to relax and to avoid any activities that may cause eye strain, such as watching TV, reading, or staring at a computer. After seven to 10 days, most people feel and look well enough to return to work and most daily activities. Because of the location of the incisions and the relatively small amount of tissue damaged, scarring is kept to a minimum and may be entirely inconspicuous after the few weeks.  

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Dr. Berbari is happy to meet with you to discuss your goals for treatment and ability to undergo any surgical procedure. Call or email our office to learn more by setting up your initial consultation.

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